Sorbus Lazy Susan Open Plastic Storage Bins - Round Clear Organizer Containers for Kitchen Fridge, Pantry, Cabinet, Snacks, Fruit, Bathroom Supplies (2-Pack)

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TURN your clutter into organization with the Sorbus Lazy Susan Bins! Whether for spices, snacks, or crafts, this rotating organizer keeps your household items neat and accessible. With a quick spin, grab what you need without digging through cluttered shelves! The transparent look provides a clear view while the deep design keeps tall items contained without tipping over. Simply store inside pantry cabinets, under-the-sink, or on countertops to bring convenience to your home.

Multi-purpose storage.

With the ability to rotate 360 degrees, this clear Lazy Susan container is a must-have for any organized space. Use in the kitchen to stock your most used condiments so you can save time and make meal prep more efficient. Keep in the fridge for fruits and veggies or on the counter so kids can rotate their favorite snacks. For multi-purpose use, store bathroom toiletries and cleaning products under the sink or to color-code crafts and fashion accessories. The possibilities are endless!

Clear rotating design.

The clear design coordinates beautifully with most aesthetics and easy to clean by hand. The open round clear frame with Lazy Susan base rotates 360 degrees. Made of strong shatter-resistant PET plastic. BPA and Chlorine free. DO NOT place in dishwasher. Measures approximately 9” D x 3.4” H.

  • Rotating Base

    Turns 360 degrees with lazy susan swivel base to help you quickly find what you need.

  • Convenient Design

    Provides easy grab n’ go access while keeping contents contained without tipping over.

  • Stackable

    Stacks when empty to maximize vertical storage space when not in use.

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