Restored Xbox 360 S 4GB Game Console Kinect With Kinect Adventures (Refurbished)

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Includes AV Cable, HDMI Cable, Power Cable, One Kinect, Game: Kinect Adventures, One Controller, and System. Very Good Condition Xbox 360 S 4GB Console Kinect. No Original Box Included.Refurbished Xbox 360 S 4GB Game Console Kinect With Kinect Adventures
  1. This product may not have been manufacturer certified but has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Walmart Restored Program Sellers and Suppliers
  2. Fully functional product in Like New Condition that may or may not have minor cosmetic defects, blemishes, dents, scratches when held approximately 12 inches away or less
  3. This product includes all accessories that will be compatible and fully functional but may not be original. Packaging may be generic
  4. This product may be returned within 90 days for free return or replacement if you are not satisfied
  5. Battery capacity exceeds 80% capacity relative to its new equivalent

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