PXN 0082 Arcade Fight Stick Joystick for TV/PC/PS3/PS4/PS5/Xbox one/Xbox Series X|S/Switch

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PXN 0082 Arcade Fight Stick,Fighting Joystick Controller For Android Phone,Tablet,Tv, Set-Top Box, Pc Computer Emulator, PS5/PS4/PS3/Xbox/Xbox Series X|S/Switch

1. Simulate the joysticks and buttons on the arcade machine.
2. The joystick is 8-direction high wear-resistant stainless steel
3.8 durable imitation arcade buttons,
4. According to the game type, use the joystick as a direction joystick or D-pad, one-key switch.
5. Support TURBO and MACRO functions
6. Four powerful suction cups make the product easy to fix.
7. Support OTG to connect to Android phones

Model: PXN -0082
Connection type: USB cable
Product size: 9.84 x 6.88 x 4.13inch
Packing size: 10.55 x 7.8 x 4.53inch
Product weight: 1.6LB
Android system: TV, set-top box, mobile phone, tablet (OTG converter needs to be purchased separately)
Game console: PS3/PS4/Xbox Series X&S/Xbox One/SWITCH
Support the interchange of joystick and arrow keys, one-key programming, one-key burst

Package includes:
1 x Arcade Fightstick
1 x user manual

In the PS4/Xbox console, the original controller is required to guide.
When connected to the Xbox Series X console, the original controller cannot be activated, you need to use the Xbox One controller to boot normally.
When connecting to the PS5 console, you need to use the original PS4 controller for booting, and only supports PS4 games
  • 【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】:The arcade joystick game controller supports multiple system platforms, whether it is Android phones, tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, PC computer emulators,or Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S,Switch and other game consoles, it can be done in one shot , So that you will not restrict the fun of the game because of the game platform. (OTG converter needs to be purchased separately)
  • 【HIGH PERFORMANCE】:Standard 8 arcade-like buttons and high wear-resistant steel joysticks, the buttons use the strongest sense of paragraph green axis (mechanical keyboard axis), with an excellent sense of confirmation and feedback; 8 directions The metal pillar of the joystick not only brings higher stability, but also has a longer service life. It can support the interchange of joystick and arrow keys according to the type of game
  • 【SLIP-RESISTANT RUBBER BASE】:The bottom of the PXN joystick adopts 4 powerful suction cups, which can make the bottom of the joystick strongly adhere to the desktop, and prevent the joystick from sliding during the game. The arcade joystick uses a metal joystick that is as thick as an adult man’s pinky finger. It will be very reliable during the game, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the joystick if you use too much force.
  • 【EXQUISITE DESIGN】:The ergonomic design is used to simulate the joysticks and buttons on the arcade machine. The skinned wrist rest design is very soft to the touch, so you won't get calluses on your wrist during intense gaming. An arrow key or D-pad can change the switch of the large joystick mode, depending on the type of game
  • 【MULTI-FUNCTION BUTTON】:Home button, Share button, Options button, L3/SL button, R3/SR button can match the function buttons of the game console, and support Turbo, Macro; support XINPUT and DINPUT when used on a PC. The arcade joystick is compatible with most arcade games: Street Fighter, King of Fighting, Mortal Kombat, Iron Fist, etc

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