Neck Face Beauty Device, 40℃/45℃ Heat Vibration Wrinkle Removal Massager Machine with 3 Color Modes for Skin Tightening & Neck Lifting, USB Promote Circulation Skin Care Rejuvenation Tool for Women

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A facial and neck beauty device that returns to your firm and delicate skin. The neck care device for wrinkles, which can be heated at 40℃/45℃, has 3 different lighting modes, which can be targeted for skin care according to your different skin types. The configuration of high-frequency vibration allows your skin to be deeply absorbed, and the ergonomic 160° surround design can better care for every inch of skin. The multi-functional neck massager with heat and vibration has 4 nursing modes, which can be converted into different modes according to the needs. In addition, there is EMS firming function to help improve facial elasticity, firm skin, and say goodbye to wrinkles. The compact and portable neck tightening tool can be easily carried, allowing you to easily face various scenarios such as overtime, staying up late, business travel, socializing, light therapy, etc. It can help you dilute neck lines, eliminate fatigue, and make your skin brighter and revitalized!

  • This skin beauty device can help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and uneven skin, effectively help skin firm and lift, delay skin cell aging, and apply to multiple body parts such as the face and neck.
  • 3 kinds of light adjustable, blue light rejuvenates the skin, and promotes collagen; red light lifts, and enhances cell vitality; purple light removes wrinkles, calms, and maintains stability.
  • It has a heating function of 40℃/45℃. A hot compress can effectively accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, relieve fatigue, and clear the meridians.
  • The high frequency of iontophoresis technology of 11,000 times deeply per minute helps the skin absorb the nutrition of skin care products.
  • Ergonomic design, dolphin tail shape, double chin removal, close to neck and body lines. A seamless massage that delivers energy to every inch of the neck skin.
  • The EMS firming mode is used to release pulsed micro-current, improve the elasticity of facial muscle fibers, and make the skin younger.
  • With 4 treatment modes: Light Therapy, Cleansing & Brightening, Facial Treatment, and Hot Compress Treatment, you can say goodbye to necklines.
  • The thin and light shape, coupled with the USB charging design, allows you to carry it easily without taking up space to enjoy comfortable spa treatments anytime, anywhere.

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