Made by Me My Very Own Pottery Wheel with Terracotta Clay, Ages 6 and up

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Introduce pottery to your little ones with the new and improved Made by Me Pottery Wheel with 2 pounds of Premium Terracotta Clay! Create the perfect pot with the new bonus tools or try hand-crafting your own! Make a tea set for imaginary play or just get your hands dirty for a fun afternoon of sensory play with clay. No matter what, this pottery wheel will surely be a hit! Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Made By Me My Very Own Pottery Wheel with Terracotta Clay Craft Kit (15 Pieces):

  • Explore your creativity as you mix and mold clay to design your very own ceramic creation
  • Motorized pottery wheel with foot pedal controls the speed as you shape
  • An adjustable tool arm allows you to control the height of your creations
  • Sculpt with ease using clay and molding tools
  • Learn the technique of molding clay
  • Design your creations with ceramic paint
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Includes safety feature if too much pressure is applied
  • Air-dry clay, no baking necessary
  • Requires D batteries (not included)

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Motorized Pottery Wheel, Adjustable Tool Arm, Foot Pedal, 2 Bags of Clay, 3 Pottery Making Tools, 2 Clay Tools, 1 Paint Brush, 1 Sponge, 1 Ceramic Paint Strip, 1 Cutting Cord and Easy-to-Follow Instructions

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