Adam and Eve Inflatable Position Pillow



Achieve positions you never thought possible! This inflatable pillow's slanted wedge shape adds comfortable cushioning and support to enhance your lovemaking instantly. Just lean on the pillow to achieve better, more satisfying angles. Easy grip handles and a velvety surface keep you in control and in place while you play harder, faster, and wilder than ever before. An air-sealed valve make inflating and deflating easy and discreet for fun at home or on a romantic getaway.

Wedge shape supports a variety of angles and positions
Easy grip handles keep you and the pillow in place
Velvety flocked surface prevents slippage
Air seal valve lets you inflate or deflate easily
Supports up to 300 lbs.

Length: 24" (60.96 cm)
Width: 16" (40.64 cm)
Height: 4"-8" (10.16 cm - 20.32 cm)

Color: Red

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