LyxPro Beginner 36” Electric Guitar & Electric Guitar Accessories for Kids, Red

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Actual Color: Natural
Pattern: Left Handed
$319 $479


Perfect for a birthday or holiday gift, teaching music, this electric guitar with amp really rocks!

It features a 3/4-sized 36” wooden neck beginner electric guitar crafted with premium rosewood, Canadian wood, and sturdy steel strings. In addition to the electric guitar bag, the electric guitar kit includes all the accessories you need to get started: 6 extra strings, 2 guitar picks, a guitar cable, and a shoulder strap. There are also tuning pegs, volume and tune knobs, and frets.

We’ve also included a Tuner that easily clips onto the beginner guitar neck to help them learn how to tune. The electric guitar set also includes a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand user guide.

Key Features:

  • The 36” guitar is inspired by classic designs and adds modern upgrades
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate players
  • Including premium rosewood fingerboard, Canadian maple neck, volume/tone knobs, and more
  • Clip-on Digital Tuner gets you playing fast and in tune
  • Easily adjustable volume and tone knobs for your desired sound
  • Comes with a quality 20-watt amplifier with jack, and overdrive
  • Looks, sounds, feels, and performs like the real deal with all the accessories you need to start
  • Instrument strums like a dream, offering the perfect blend of comfort, style, and playability
  • Primed for solo play, jamming with the band, and performing live indoors or outside
  • Give the gift of music to a loved one for a birthday, Christmas, graduation, anniversary, and more

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