Klein Tools RT250 GFCI Outlet Tester with LCD Display, Electric Voltage Tester for Standard 3-Wire 120V Electrical Receptacles, red

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Style: Outlet Repair Kit
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Brand: Klein Tools
Power Source: Battery Powered
Style: Receptacle Tester
Color: red
Item Weight: 0.26 Pounds

LARGE CLEAR LCD READOUT on receptacle tester to instantly view results without the need to look at a chart to understand results
TEST GFCI TRIP TIME IN SECONDS to find out if the trip breaker is functioning
DETECT WIRING FAULTS of open ground, open neutral, open hot, dual open (neutral and ground), reversed hot/ground, and reversed hot/neutral
AUTO-HOLD FUNCTION is convenient for hard-to-reach outlets
SAFE AND DURABLE TESTER for inspections on North American 120V outlets
BRIGHT LED LIGHTS illuminate green and red for visual indicators
TRUSTED SAFE with a safety rating of CAT II 135V

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