Style: 2 Pearl Lariat,Color: White Gold - Pearls Of Joy Lariat Necklace In White Gold And Yellow Gold Plating



Precious and Priceless. Pearls Of Joy Lariat style Necklace is meant for rare occasions.For those happy moments when your heart is so filled with joy that your lips can't stop smiling and you get so emotional that tears roll down the eyes.Have you ever felt such moments?  May be when you see your baby daughter all grown up and graduated? May be when you see her walking down the aisle as a beautiful bride?Laugh and cry with the Pearls Of Joy gift her this beautiful necklace on the most memorable day of her life and yours too. Details:One Tear Drop Pearl and One Round Pearl.Or Get the One Tear Drop with Multi Pearl.Select from White Gold Plated or Yellow Gold Plated Branch and chain. Lariat style necklace.Necklace is 20 inches and can be extended 2 more inches.Extender included with every necklace. Faux Pearls created in a Lab with High Lusture. Select from 2 PEARL LARIAT (1 tear drop with 1 round pearl in White Gold or Yellow Gold plating ) AND MULTI-PEARL LARIAT ( 1 tear drop with 3 round pearls in White Gold or Yellow Gold plating).It comes in a gift pouch.

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