Jalunth Adult Men Women Sliding Athletic Shorts with Cup Pocket Baseball Football Lacrosse

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Color: Black
Size: Small
$33 $50


90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
Pull On closure
Keep in Position - The cup edge made of environmental rubber and will keep itself in place in pocket while you are in sports. It is also not as bulky as some others shorts and helps it disappear under the uniform pants rather than sticking out. Give you great support and No need to be injured any more
Great Quality Material - The shorts made of high quality milk silk fiber, will not tear loosen or get damaged in use. Great stitch make it super breather and comfortable to wear. The cut have a good balance of rigidity and flexibility and provides a great fit and compression
Proper Size Pocket - The Pocket is fit to the cup size and do not move when you in sports. The cup can be easily out of the pocket for washing. You can even wear it without take off the shorts. The elastic pocket will fit more bigger size cup
No Chafing - The taper shape cup is just right to prevent rubbing and chafing the inner thighs and dramatically decreased embarrassing on field adjustments. The size is just right for adults.
Suitable for - Great for sports where protecting that area is important! Baseball, Softball, Football, Lacrosse, Hockey, Cricket, Martial Arts, karate, BJJ, tae kwon do, word fencing, MMA and More

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