Homeries Pot Rack Organizer – 3 Method DIY Adjustable 8 Tier Pot Lid Holders & Pan Rack for Kitchen Counter, Cabinet, Pantry, Cupboard – Organizer for Cooking Pots, Frying Pans, Sauce Pans & Lids

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Are you looking for a smart space-saving method of storing all your pots and pans? Are you tired of fishing for the right lid out of a multitude you have available? Are you still struggling with a simple way of storing all your pots and pans?Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! This simple kitchen pan rack will help you solve all your kitchen organization and storage problems!This 8-tier pots and pans organizer for cabinet is an adjustable organizer. This means that you can customize this pot rack according to the sizes of your pots and pans. This allows you to store all your pots and pans in one place, along with their lids. Using this pot and pan organizer, you can have all your kitchen utensils in one convenient place. You can easily store up to 8 pots and pans safely and tidily.This long-lasting pot rack is made of heavy-duty premium quality iron which is spray-painted black. This spray painting allows it to be resistant to rusting, thus ensuring that this product will last you for years to come. Furthermore, this also helps minimize scratch marks left behind and keeps both your pots and pans as well as the organizer looking good as new for longer.The versatility of this pan organizer for cabinet is that you can either keep it standing up or have it lying down. This increases the number of places and manners in which you can store your pots and pans. You can use this organizer to store your pots and pans either in the cabinet, on your kitchen shelf, in the pantry, in a cupboard, or even in a drawer.Package Includes:1 x Pot Rack Organizer32 x Rubber anti slip tubes
  • DIY POT RACK- You decide what you want this pot rack organizer to look like. Whether you want it lying down or standing up in a cabinet, or stored safely away in your pantry, or simply standing on your kitchen counter. You can also decide if you want to use this organizer for pots and pans, or simply their lids.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION- This pot lid organizer is constructed using heavy-duty iron that is spray painted black. Its triangular base provides it with a stable surface and makes it less likely to fall. The black spat painting also ensures that the organizer remains resistant to rust.
  • ADJUSTABLE TIERS- This pan rack organizer comes with 8 adjustable tiers so that you can store your pots and pans no matter what size they are. Simply adjust the tiers according to your size needs and create a customized rack holder. And We added 4 anti-slip rubber tubes for each tier divider.
  • EASY TO INSTALL- There are no tools required in organizing this pot pan rack. All the necessary equipment is available to you and it is so easy to install it, that even a child could do it! Plus it only takes a couple of minutes to get this pan rack ready for work.
  • HOLDS LIDS IN PLACE- This special pan lid organizer has been designed in a way that it holds the lids of the pans in place even after you’ve taken the pot or pan away. This helps you keep a track of all the lids and keep them steadily in one place.

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