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December 15, 1924

Long day at the office. Another case gone cold. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Been here before. Wash it down with a glass of scotch and sleep it off. I head into Monty's place. A bar just down the street. Not a soul in sight 'cept Monty cleaning down a bar top. He can see my discontent. "That bad?" he asks. I nod. He pours me a glass and I take a corner seat.

Some time passes and in walks a familiar dame. I've seen that stunning, rectangular figure somewhere. She shivers in the doorway for a moment. It's a cold night but there's something electric in the air. I stare. We lock eyes.

"Evening, detective" she calls to me. "Please, call me Fork." A brief smile and she heads my way. Then I see it, Sally Socket. Pete Plug's girl. "Pete know you're out tonight?" I inquire. "No" she says as she stares at her feet. Mysterious. "Care for a smoke?" I ask while reaching for my lighter. She nods. I lean toward her with a cigarette and she moves in close. ZAP. Lights flicker. I lose consciousness.

I wake up in a hospital gown with the worst hangover I've had in years.

Why You'll Love It

Nothing sparks curiosity quite like an electrical socket. There are so many things to test in them and who can honestly say they haven't had a zap or two? This funny couples costume is for those curious minds and couples with truly electrifying chemistry. Sure to win costume contests and plenty of laughs on Halloween night.

These unisex costumes are made from 100% polyester; no electricity involved! Caught in an electrical mishap? Hand wash your fork and socket costumes and hang them out to dry. To prevent colors from bleeding, avoid bleaching or ironing these borderline lethal costumes.

  • A BIT OF A SHOCK: I know what you're thinking. This is weird. I agree. Who hasn't tried this though? You get curious sometimes
  • FORK & SOCKET: One super-charged couples costume! Includes a sleek, silvery fork costume and irresistable socket suit to go with it
  • IT'S ELECTRIC: Sure to win costume contests and plenty of laughs on Halloween night! It's like a slightly less offensive cousin of the plug and socket couples costumes
  • NO REAL ELECTRICITY: Made from 100% polyester. No electricity involved!
  • SHOCK THE WORLD: Proud of your costume choice? Share your photos to our Hauntlook Instagram or find costume ideas with #Hauntlook

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