Glade Automatic Spray Air Freshener, Holder + 3 Refills, Variety Pack - Holiday

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Stir up the season with Glade Automatic Spray Air Fresheners for home use. This limited edition automatic spray air freshener kit is a great way to add a little glam, allure, and excitement to any gathering with festive fragrance and holiday scents. Each kit includes one automatic spray unit and three 6.2-0z. scented refills. Glade winter scents are crafted by master perfumers and infused with essential oils. This automatic spray air freshener gives a fresh burst every 9, 18, or 36 minutes so you can simply, activate, forget, and focus on enjoying the festive mood. This Glade air freshener spray is perfect as an air freshener for rooms anywhere in your home, even in your bathroom. The Glade Automatic Spray Air Freshener fall and holiday scents will get you in the mood to put on your party hat. Make home scents festive scents with America’s #1 selling holiday fragrance brand.
  • Stir up the season with a limited edition automatic air freshener
  • Enjoy a fresh burst every 9, 18 or 36 minutes
  • Glade spray scents are crafted by master perfumers
  • Glade is America’s #1 selling holiday fragrance brand

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