Franklin Sensors ProSensor M210 Professional Stud Finder with 13-Sensors for the Highest Accuracy Detects Wood & Metal Studs with Incredible Speed, Yellow

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Brand: Franklin Sensors Professional Stud Finders
Color: Gray, yellow
Batteries Required?: Yes
Material: Plastic
International Protection Rating: IP54

ACCURATE: More sensors = More accuracy. The ProSensor M210 has 13 sensors and 21 Enhanced Precision LEDs. Conventional stud finders have 1 or 2 sensors. With more sensors, Franklin Sensors stud finders are the market’s most precise and best stud finders. The M210 has a max detection depth of 1.7". The enhanced precision LEDs track the exact location of studs while displaying the center and edges simultaneously.
EASY: One mode finds it all! It finds wood beams metal studs, pipes, live electrical wires, and the M210 stud finder auto-selects the most accurate mode for changes in material or depth. No toggling between standard-scan and deep-scan. Also, no calibration is required. Just press and hold the button to begin your scan. Additionally, you can start over a stud, unlike other stud sensors that give false readings. It is undoubtedly the most intuitive stud finder on the market
SHOWS THE CENTER AND EDGES OF STUDS SIMULTANEOUSLY: The M210 saves you time by showing you more of what is behind the wall. It displays the center and edges of studs simultaneously, shows double studs and irregular configurations found in older homes that other stud finders cannot detect.
DURABLE: Designed for all users from homeowners to DIY enthusiasts to professionals, the M210 stud finder is accurate and durable. It saves you time while still being tough enough to withstand being dropped off a ladder or tossed into a toolbox.
EXTRA FEATURES: Live Electrical Warning, Built-In Bubble Level and Convenient Pencil Caddy

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