Eastar Professional Alto Saxophone E Flat Alto Saxophone Eb Saxophone Gold With Cleaning Cloth, Carrying Case, Mouthpiece, Neck Strap, Cork Grease, Reeds and Stand, Alto Saxophone Full Kit, AS-Ⅲ

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Eastar AS-Ⅲ was using instruments dedicated copper for main material. Lead-free welding technology which guarantees the performance of the instrument while letting the players rest assured to use. Imported pads and blue needles lead to feedback degree of finger keys is high to satisfy the big span playing of various difficult music. Moreover ,Eastar AS-Ⅲ rejected ordinary Gold Lacquer, but using more difficulty craft--- gold electrophoresis, making its use for a long time without fading, color much brighter, more brilliant.What is more, natural abalone Inlays Keys are elegant. The handmade carvings of the bell mouth made Eastar AS- III a suit both refined and popular tastes craft when standing on the stand.

For years of experiences ,Eastar has accumulated process for many years to improve the stability of the bass and achieve a stable feeling of playing and resistance. The high tone adjusting rod can adjust the sensitivity according to the habit, the pipe neck socket is integrated seamlessly.

1.Color: Gold Electrophoresis
2.Key:E Flat With High F# Key
4.Material: Instruments Dedicated Brass
5.Item Weight:4.2kg
6.Bookplate Size: 66(L) x 15(W)x 27(H)CM
7.Carrying Case Material: Nylon Cloth

Package included:
1 x Eastar AS- Ⅲ Saxophone
1 x Carrying Case
2 x Shoulder Strap
1 x Mouthpiece Set
1 x Real Leather Strap(80lb limit)
1 x White Gloves
1 x Eastar ERD-AS Reeds-5pics (Strength 3 )
1 x Soft Swab
1 x Soft Cloth
1 x Saxophone Stand
  • ❀ Astonishing Sound -- Better vibration while playing , tuning is wonderful. Eastar AS-Ⅲ can satisfy the WIND BAND ensemble training and Studio Recording. Bright soprano, permeable bass. There's a lot of control over jazz, classical, pop.
  • ❀ Superfine Material -- instruments dedicated copper, lead-free welding process, feel free to use. Imported from Italy advanced leather pads, high air tightness, flicking tongue skills are easy to be produced. Imported blue copper needle spring, moderate elasticity, not aging, high feedback when finger pressing.
  • ❀ Exquisite Appearance -- Eastar AS - Ⅲ use durable gold electrophoresis craft instead of ordinary Gold Lacquer, no fading, color brighter, shinier. Elegant natural abalone inlaid Keys. The handmade carvings of the bell mouth made Eastar AS- III a suit both refined and popular tastes craft when standing on the stand.
  • ❀ Top Useful Design -- Bigger bell: stronger sound power and air-penetration. Key: the left hand button and copper fingerplate are ergonomically designed and customized according to European and American hand type and use habits. Switch between anew designed C key and E FLAT is more flexible. The bass button adopts double knots reinforcement to ensure the performance stability. The U-tube of the bass:Eastar has accumulated crafts experiences for many years to improve the stability of the bass a
  • ❀ Package Contents-- Eastar AS- Ⅲ saxophone, Carrying Case ,Mouthpiece Set, Real Leather Strap(110lb limit),Cork Grease,Shoulder Strap x 2, Gloves, Eastar ERD-AS Reeds x 5 (Strength 3 ), Soft Swab, Soft Cloth, Saxophone Stand. Each Saxophone Has Unique Serial-number.12-Month Product Warranty.

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