Donner Multi Effects Pedal, Arena2000 Guitar Pedals with 278 Effects, 100 IRs, Looper, Drum Machine, Amp Modeling, Support XLR, MIDI IN

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Brand: Donner
Style: Acoustic,Looper,Multi Effects
Color: Multi Effects
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.8 x 5.9 x 1.97 inches
Voltage: 9 Volts

[Rich and Delicate Sound] With FAVCM technology and high-precision 24bit/44.1kHz audio processing, Arena2000 guitar effects greatly reduces the "plastic taste" of the digital effect, making the tone more layered, allowing you to play real emotions without reservation.
[278 Effect Types to Choose From] 100 classic effect simulations, 80 amp simulations, and 50 cabinet simulations. Arena2000 provides a wide range of legendary guitar tones from music history. Whether it's fresh urban pop or high-speed thrash metal, you'll find all the tones you want and need!
[Long IR Resolution] 50 built-in IRs and 50 extra banks for third-party IRs. The IR resolution of Arena2000 is up to 23.2ms, which can precisely restore the tone of the IR collection object and reproduce the acoustic environment of the collection space, resulting in a tone with a greater dynamic range and a stronger sense of spatial authenticity.
[One Man Band] With 40 drum rhythms and 60 seconds looper, Arena2000 guitar effects can quickly record demos or perform live as a one-man band. It’s also equipped with headphone output for late night creation/practice. Additionally, you can rapidly capture your inspiration using OTG and your phone. Arena2000 will give you unlimited support whether it's for a live show or a home studio.
[Full Function Transformed from Bedroom to Stage] Customizable CTRL mode and EXP1/EXP2 expression pedal for flexible real-time parameter adjustments. You can also edit and control the tone via Arena2000 CONTROL in computer or mobile phone. Arena2000 also has Aux In, MIDI In, XLR L/R, and a cabinet simulation (Cab Sim) output option that allows users to switch between the 1/4 output port and the XLR output port, which makes it handy for artists to perform live.
(Please be aware) We recommend using headphones with an impedance range of 32-64 ohms. Impedance that is too high may result in low headphone volume.

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