Donner 30 Inch Kids Electric Guitar Beginner Kits ST Style Mini Electric Guitar for Boys Girls with Amp, 600D Bag, Tuner, Picks, Cable, Strap, Extra Strings, DSJ-100, Black

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Brand: Donner
Color: Black
Body Material: Poplar
Back Material Type: Poplar
Neck Material Type: Maple
Fretboard Material Type: Maple Wood
Guitar Pickup Configuration: S
String Material Type: Nickel Plated
Hand Orientation: Right
Guitar Bridge System: Fixed Hardtail Saddle Bridge

【Lightweight and Portable】Donner electric guitars has modified the classic ST-Style guitar to fit the needs of kids. The kids electric guitars weighs only 5.97 LB, reducing the physical burden and making it easier to play.
【Designed for Beginner Kids】Donner mini electric guitars have set the neck length at 35cm and fingerboard width at 4.3cm based on extensive research. The 30 inch electric guitar DSJ-100 is well-suited to most children's body size and hand shape.
【Protect Skin with Exquisite Craftsmanship】The mini electric guitar's ergonomic design protects skin from damage caused by long-term friction against the inner forearm. The matte lacquer surface helps reduce friction allowing children to play all day without discomfort.
【Excellent Tone】Despite the reduced size, this black mini guitar is by no means a toy. With a sound as full as normal-sized electric guitar, the classic single-coil pickup of the S-Style guitar also guarantees it's suitable for most musical styles.
【Play Right out of Box】 Donner electric guitar beginner kits comes fully equipped with picks, cables, a gig bag, a strap, and a professional amp with both distortion and clean channels. Also includes free online lessons.
⚠The mini electric guitar is with a shorter scale if you want to increase string tension and pitch stability, we recommend you tune the Mini electric guitar up to 1 or 2 notes above standard tuning. Turn up 2 pitches(open): EADGBE → AbC#F#BEbA.

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