Adventure Force Radio-Control 2.4G Tyranno Mech Stunt Car

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The radio remote takes control of the Adventure Force Radio-Control 2.4G Tyranno Mech! Watch as the stunt car races down the driveway with tough tread wheels, 2.4G speed, and the velocity of a velociraptor! Speed down the driveway, pop some wheelies, and spin for the ultimate performance. Put the car in stealth mode by folding it down or let the T-rex take control of the race with one quick control! This car is ready to run right out of the box. Batteries are included, so the Adventure Force Radio-Control 2.4G Tyranno Mech can speed as soon as it’s set to the racetrack!

    Adventure Force Radio-Control 2.4G Tyranno Mech:
  • Show off this car’s performance with wheelie action, spinning stunts
  • Light up the racetrack with LED lights
  • T-rex transformation is just one button press away!
  • When it’s time for stealth mode, the T-rex folds down to become a classic race car
  • Colors: green, white, red, black
  • Suitable for children ages 8-14
  • Dimensions: 7” x 11” x 8.25”
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.
  • Material: PP
  • All batteries included

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