16 Line Laser Level 4x360° Self Leveling ACTBOT Green 4D Laser 3x360° Swivel Level Line Tool 165ft Pulse Mode Cross Tilt Horizontal Vertical Line Remote Controller Switchable 5000mAh All-Inclusive Kit

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Color: A05top-s Swivelling Cross Line Laser
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Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Color: ‎‎a16top-s All-inclusive Kit
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.3 x 1.9 x 4.7 inches
Style: ‎‎A16TOP-S ACTBOT Exclusive 2x5000mah All-Inclusive Kit

🧊 ACTBOT UPSCALE 360˚ x 4 green laser beam is 3x more vibrant than red beam laser levels and is the best choice for outdoor measurements. The green light is very sharp and would be visible even if there is already an intense light nearby. Additionally, the green laser target plate will increase the brightness when the green beam shines on it, and it is suitable for use in a strong light environment. Add on it, the plate has a magnet function and can be adsorbed on the iron.
🧊 Unlock Mode——SELF-LEVELING MODE:Tilt angle≤3°; if not, the laser will flash to indicate out-of-level condition to remind you to adjust the location of laser level to a flatter place. Lock Mode——TILT-LINE MODE:Horizontal Line, Vertical Line fixed, and the Cross Line will locked to use the device at any angle.
🧊 The bright and long-range Safety Level-Class II laser(<1mW Power Output)operates correctly to give you a substantial range for large rooms and open spaces and expands the usable range of the level to up to 100ft indoors.To add on,the supported range-extended till 165ft with outdoor pulse mode.Remember to keep the pulse mode on when using with receiver(not included).Further,laser level line tool comes with 2x 5000mAh Li-ion batteries,which is sufficient for complex or all-day layout jobs.
🧊 The built-in universal tripod-mount size can also be screwed to any 1/4-inch tripod stand mounting for larger spaces or projects where you may need to move the laser around.To top it off, it is a modern device that comes with a 100FT SUPER Long-Range remote control.This enables you to control the device from afar and is best suited for working with hired laborers.You can control the measurements with remote control while they make the marking and work accordingly.
🧊 ACTBOT laser level line tool is a hybrid device that comes with multiple add-ons, wth an extended bracket, lifting base, magnetic stand, mini tripod, green target card, a remote control, and a blow mold case. With amazing features and packed with everything you may need, this device does not come alone, a kit is sent, which includes all the things you may be needing for exceptional performance.

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